Incentive QAS is the contract cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, with annual sales in excess of £18.5 million and employing more than 800 staff around the country. The business continues to expand and we have high ambitions for our very well regarded and progressive company.  Incentive QAS delivers a wide range of cleaning and support services to both the private and public sectors.

We engage with our customers directly as a standalone professional service provider or as a specialist sub-contractor working under an umbrella facilities management contract.

The cleaning division of the group started in 2009 when Quality Assured Services Limited joined Incentive Facilities Management Ltd to create the Group. Incentive FM merged its former cleaning business, Incentive Support Services Ltd, into the enlarged Incentive QAS entity to form the business as it is today.

We continue to be recognised as a quality service provider delivering services in a cutting-edge style and in line with the current market expectations, but also maintaining and recognising traditional values of respect and loyalty both to our staff and of course our customers.

Our pricing is competitive, our systems and support activities of a high and complementary standard with others of our Group and our people are both very experienced and also highly motivated.

This approach has seen us retain clients for contract terms spanning over 10 years and double our size in just the last three years.  We have a diverse range of customers such as high-end office properties in the City (110 Bishopsgate, CityPoint, St Botolph Building, Tower Place) and large teams spanning whole counties and large industrial sites.

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