City & Guilds – London Living Wage

City & Guilds – London Living Wage


In September 2015, we secured the contract to provide cleaning and associated services to City & Guilds of London Institute, the global leader in skills development. The contract covers City & Guilds’ two main offices in Giltspur Street, London, as well as at eight regional UK offices including Glasgow, Warrington and Cardiff.

Under the terms of the deal, Incentive QAS provides a full range of daily office services, including the following:

  • Daily cleaning and housekeeping of all communal areas
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Waste Management across the UK portfolio
  • All consumables and washroom services
  • Pest control


Since being confirmed as a London Living Wage ‘Recognised Service Provider’ in March 2015, the Incentive Group has taken its responsibility very seriously. We spend time with potential new business partners explaining the merits of LLW and encouraging them to appreciate the benefits it brings for staff and their business alike.

The LLW affords people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, whilst two thirds of employers reported a significant impact on recruitment and retention within their organisation and a marked increase in productivity and quality of work.

The majority of the cleaning team at C&G hadn’t received any kind of significant pay rise for a number of years and it was felt that there was a correlation with a growing trend of decreasing standards. The client was interested in adapting the LLW and wanted the support of a partner to help initiate this transition.


The client came on board immediately with the idea of LLW, once we had outlined all the benefits it would bring to the staff, productivity and the perception of their business to the wider market. With an ‘open book’ partnership approach and a cost model designed to deliver best value, there were a number of cost savings to be made. These funds were reinvested into the proposed LLW initiative, meaning the client was delighted to be able to offer the full pay increase to the whole team.

It was a great opportunity for Incentive QAS to engage with the staff from the start and since rolling out the LLW, we have already seen an increase in employee motivation, higher staff retention, and reduced absenteeism. This in turn has resulted in lower recruitment costs, more opportunities for staff development and the opportunity for City & Guilds to mitigate costs by broadening responsibilities of current staff. The client has also seen improvements in bottom line performance in both financial and non-financial indicators such as employee engagement, overall improvement in standards and customer satisfaction levels.


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