Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey


International specialty chemicals company Johnson Matthey awarded a cleaning and support services contract to Incentive QAS in 2012, which covers their UK sites in Hertfordshire and North London. Under the terms of the deal, the company provides a full range of daily support services, including the following:

  • General and specialist cleaning
  • Feminine hygiene services
  • Window cleaning
  • Postal service
  • Porterage
  • Forklift operation
  • Site deliveries
  • Laundry management


Due to the unusual nature of Johnson Matthey’s business and the products used on site, security is a top priority for the company with stringent procedures in place, affecting everyone’s working day. Regular and random spot security checks are carried out on ALL staff on site, due to the extremely high value of the raw materials used.

All staff are fully vetted and security checked by the client prior to commencement of employment and also need to be familiar with the complexities of the site, the clients’ culture and working procedures.


A close working partnership with the client meant we invited them to become involved in the ‘induction’ of new starters and refresher courses for the existing staff. Our teams become more engrained into the client’s culture and genuinely understand the need for tight security.

Working and shift patterns are flexible to fit with the nature of the site and our staff have become extra vigilant in assessing all potential security scenarios. They have become ambassadors for the client and take a real pride in the added responsibility and trust they have been afforded.

A recent example involved a member of the cleaning team who spotted some waste material which was awaiting collection to be removed from site. Due to their excellent product knowledge, diligence and inquisitive nature encouraged by the client, they brought this to their manager’s attention. It turned out to be valuable waste cuttings, which were being discarded in error.

This saved the client a considerable amount of money, avoided an unintentional security breach and further cemented the burgeoning partnership and trust.

“The security of Johnson Matthey’s site is paramount to the success of the business and something we take seriously. Since taking over the cleaning contract five years ago, Incentive QAS have indoctrinated this ethos within their teams, with security training forming an integral part of their own induction process.

As well as providing a consistent cleaning service, Incentive’s staff are vigilant and provide a first line of security which is vital to the smooth running and safety of the site. Their team have embraced Johnson Matthey’s culture and processes to building mutual trust and a fine working partnership.

Incentive QAS provide a robust cleaning contract, which has helped improve the way we manage our chemicals business.”

Keri Lawrence, Senior Buyer at Johnson Matthey.

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