Verde – SW1

Verde – SW1

During 2016 Incentive QAS began discussions with one of our long standing clients, about their new development in Victoria, Verde SW1.

The property was still under construction when discussions began and through working closely in partnership with the senior property management team we established the day one staffing levels to be installed prior to practical completion.

The cleaning teams began working on site during September 2016 to begin to write procedures, learn the building and carry out ‘sparkle’ cleans prior to practical completion in October 2017. The services being provided by Incentive QAS to the landlord managed areas of the 12-storey glass building include daily housekeeping services, window cleaning via BMU, Water Fed Pole and rope access; waste management, washroom services, pest control and consumables supply.

Our approach to the mobilisation was to provide development opportunities to staff within the business of the key positions of Housekeeping Supervisor and Housekeeping team all being existing members of staff that have excelled in other contracts who have demonstrated an appetite for progression.  We are proud that we have been able to install a team that understand the Incentive QAS culture and how we provide service, which we know will ensure the tenants of Verde receive a Best in Class Service from day one.

Throughout 2017 the Verde building started becoming more and more populated with tenants moving in at a steady pace and the Housekeeping team increased to in line with the population in order to service the washrooms four times a day, and complete continuous cleaning of the reception and communal areas. The experience that we gained during the partial completion stage enabled Incentive QAS to work with the new tenants coming into the building assisting with sparkle cleaning therefore building relationships with the key people in the organisations which in turn gave Incentive QAS the opportunity to be awarded with their office cleaning.

Incentive QAS currently supply eleven tenants in Verde with daily office cleaning, the latest contracts staring in Q1 2018 . As a result of Incentive QAS growing within the building we felt there was a need to employee a full time Housekeeping Manager to support the large cleaning team on site and introduce a part time Senior Supervisor to oversee the tenant office cleaning of an evening to ensure complete segregation from the landlord cleaning team. This offers our staff and clients a complete management support network throughout the working day.



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