21 St James’s  Square

21 St James’s Square


21 St. James’s Square offers 61,381 sq ft of luxury in one of London’s most exclusive areas. Blending classical details with contemporary styling, this address offers a timeless environment for modern work and interaction.

This three-year contract was awarded to Incentive QAS in June 2018 following a competitive tender process. We demonstrated our understanding of the clients needs and the specific needs of the building, our commitment to innovation and customer service.

We currently provide the following services:

  • Daily and periodic cleaning
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • Deep cleaning
  • Pre post cleaning for viewings/site visits
  • Stone and floor restoration/cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Waste management
  • Hygiene services including logo towel/laundry service
  • Consumables
  • Window cleaning
  • Abseiling external and internal to courtyard
  • Power washing


Understanding the client’s needs and being able to demonstrate that we can aniticipate their needs based on our dedication and experience is imperative with any contract and is evident at 21 St James Square.

We provide 24/7 customer support via our helpdesk and contract management team with a structure in place to ensure consistency of service levels and regular contact with the client and the cleaning team on site.

Schedule Consists of:

  • Housekeeping daily catch up meetings
  • Weekly site visits/joint cleaning inspections/audits
  • Monthly planned meetings
  • Quarterly review meetings

We also go above and beyond for our clients and have the flexibility to do so. For example, for 21 St James Square we provide scented candles and Wedgwood items from Harrods.

Service Excellence

As part of our standard contract review. amongst other objectives, one item which both ourselves and 21 St James’s Square management wanted to address was the current rate of pay. The previous service provider had honoured the London Living Wage rate, however, this did not align with the building or the expectations of the client.

Together we discussed increasing the wage rate to something more agreeable which would align with the reputation of the business and its competitors.

This increase in wage rate has:

  • Improved the reputation of the business
  • Increase motivation and retention rates
  • Allowed 21 St James’s Square to differentiate themselves from others in their industry
  • Improved relations between clients, managers and staff

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